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Solid wastes such as coconut shell, husk, coir pith, rice husk, firewood, coffee husk, and other industrial wastes can be converted into producer gas by gasfication route.  This produces gas can be used for heating and generating electricy.  During this year, ANERT has installed 2.5 lakhs kCal capacity coconut shell based gasifier at Thiruvampady, Calicut for drying copra with MNRE assistance and beneficiary share. 

ANERT had also installed a Briquetting machine to briquette coir pith into useful fuel without any additives which can be used for cooking food, boiling water, generating electricity, etc. Presently efforts are being made to gasify these coir briquettes for thermal and electrical applications by developing a suitable biomass gasifier. 

So far, ANERT has installed only 3 biomass gasifiers in the State with MNRE assistance.  The Kerala Ceramic, Kundara at Kollam District recently installed a High efficiency Bio mass direct combustion system to save SKO/Diesel to generate hot air for the factory use with 90% financial support from ANERT.  Now the factory is saving an approximate amount of Rs 5 lakhs per month being the cost of diesel.



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